Product Range

Panic Addon

Expanding your existing alarm

This is the most affordable option offered. If you have a working alarm on the premises which is monitored by a security company, you can simply add the Medical Panic System hardware to it.
This will allow the customer to use their existing remote for the entire system. Flexible, right?

On the downside,
- MediCall will not be able to service and maintain the hardware of the existing alarm. That is usually done by the technicians allocated by the Response company.
- We cannot guarantee the range of the remotes, as it might not be our preffered product,
- And no guatantee on the battery backup in case of an electrical outage.

We do, however, still offer the same great service.

Single User / Standalone

Dedicated MediCall Hardware

Where it all started! With this option, the customer gets a complete panic "box", equiped with all communication devices and backup power for up to 5-days. The customer will be issued with either a mobile and/or wall mount remote(s) with built-in Audio/Visual feedback and impressive range.
Ideal setup for a standalone residential unit, business office, warehouse or just about anything. A conciderable amount of remotes can be programmed to each device, allowing the customer to have access to the system anywhere on the premises.

Large, PANIC Button Remote

Mobile remotes (Wall mount bracket optional) can be hung around the neck to always have it close by. The keychaing also acts as an antenna which expands the distance that the remote can be from the receiver in order to transmit. Durable, shockproof remote with big backlit button and low battery indicator, ideal for the active and elderly generation!

Fixed / Wallmount Button

Large, durable, indoor-outdoor remote, wallmountable, waterproof, backlit button, Splash-proof housing, Code-Hopping Technology and low battery indicator. Range up to 100m in open air. Can be placed in the bathroom, shower, bedroom, kitchen or general areas in and around the house.

Multi-Button Keyring Remotes

Universal Multi-Button remotes with keyring to accomodate your everyday needs. Use one remote for Alarms, Gates, Garage doors, and Panic System. From 1-6 buttons available on one remote, with Code-Hopping Encryption and up to 500m range in open air.

Multi-User System

Sharing the experience

If you find yourself situated in a retirement village or Business / Residential complex, this would be the ideal solution for you and your surrounding neighbours. Each user / device is uniquely identified when triggered, which allows us the ability to pinpoint exactly who has triggered the Panic. In a nutshell, this products provides the same service as the Standalone unit, the only difference is that it can accomodate up to 99 Users and a maximum of 4 range extenders, allowing us to cover a greater area with the same device.

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