In Case of Emergency

Dedicated Ambulance with Professional staff to your disposal in cases where you require medical treatment and/or transportation.

Service around the Clock

Highly trained call center staff, working 24/7 to answer your call and dispatch of ambulances where needed. The center point of all communications and services

Transport & Admissions

With access to pre-loaded information provided by the client, we arrange Casualties, Doctors, and more according to your preference!

The Concept of MediCall

Whats the benefits?

Instant Notifications

We don't list "What you need" to use the service, but rather provide a solution with "What we offer!"

MediCall is a product of AEMS Ambulance Services, that allows our clients Healthcare with a simple press of a button. The requirements of Smart phone- GPS-enabled devices, requiring Airtime / Data with proper GPS accuracy is no longer a thread to deliver the healthcare that you require!. This provides piece of mind that by simply pressing a button you can be assured that help is on the way!

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24-Hour Call Center

24/7 Ambulance Support

Doctor on Call

Cutting Edge Technology


Keeping cost to a minimum to assure affordability


No time wasted in case of an emergency


Dedicated and well trained staff


If we cant take you to the doctor, we bring the doctor to you


Using reliable, cutting edge technology


Get notifications and more about your relatives

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Minimal Hardware

Tap into your existing Alarm System

Least hardware costs

3rd Party monitoring

NO hardware guarantee

Different technology

Limited range

Single User

own dedicated system

Best value for money

24/7 Monitoring

Full hardware guarantee

Latest technology

Long range & Extenders

Shared / Multi User

Up to 99 Users

Most cost effective

24/7 Monitoring

Full hardware guarantee

Latest technology

Long range & Extenders

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